Method of application

  • Before applying, be sure to shake the bottle.
  • Use only in the evening, before bedtime.
  • Apply a small amount to clean and completely dry underarm skin.
  • When taking a shower or bath should wait about half an hour and then treat the problem areas.
  • The frequency of use depends on the severity of hyperhidrosis. At first, if necessary, daily application of the drug is possible. When achieving a decrease in sweating by 70-80%, it is necessary to gradually increase the interval between applications.
  • Once a stable result is achieved, apply as needed. Recommended frequency of use — 1-2 times in 7-10 days.

Special instruction:

  • Do not apply antiperspirant to freshly shaved or irritated skin.
  • With the appearance of burning or itching, should be washed off with water and the remains of antiperspirant from the place of application, in order to prevent the occurrence of irritation.
  • Do not use antiperspirant immediately before intense physical activity, as well as before visiting the bath (sauna).


Individual intolerance to the components that make up the product. Pregnancy, lactation.