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Max-f-roller antiperspirants from increased sweating and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Wet armpits, stains on clothing, unpleasant smell, sweating palms and feet, dripping from the face or back drops of sweat — all signs of hyperhidrosis.

Max-F is a highly effective water-based agent (without the use of alcohol), stopping hyperhidrosis without causing a feeling of drying and discomfort.

Antiperspirants MAX-F «NoSweat»

Regular Strength
MAX-F NoSweat 15%

Antiperspirant for armpits

Retail price: 650.00 ₽

The content of 15% aluminum chloride, which is the main active substance of the antiperspirant, corresponds to the minimum amount necessary for exposure to the skin and normalization of the sweat glands.

It will help to reduce the increased sweating of the armpits, acts quickly and effectively, with regular use of sweating disappears. Means with a minimum concentration of the active substance.

MAX-F NoSweat 30%

Universal remedy for sweating of hands, feet, armpits

Retail price: 650.00 ₽

Universal antiperspirant MAX-F 30% — is a reliable and simple remedy for sweating and accompanying sweat smell for a long time and harmless to health.

Effective antiperspirant Max-f is focused on moderate use without abuse, naturally controlling the sweat glands.

Maximum Strength
MAX-F NoSweat 35%

Extra-strong remedy for sweating hands and feet

Retail price: 650.00 ₽

This is the most powerful remedy for cosmetic sweating.

Buy antiperspirant Max-F 35% should be for proper care of the palms and feet, prone to excessive sweating, maintaining cleanliness and freshness of the body, and good overall health.

Universal Extra-Strength
MAX-F NoSweat 30%

Universal remedy for sweating, travel bottle

Retail price: 400.00 ₽

Universal remedy for sweating will help to eliminate increased sweating in the armpits, palms, feet.

Due to its small size it is convenient for all life circumstances, in particular: during travel and business trips.

Mechanism of action

At the heart of the action of antiperspirant is the narrowing of pores through the formation of aluminum-protein complex while maintaining the function of the sweat glands.

Narrowing allows you to redirect the evaporation of sweat in non-problem areas. Insolubility of aluminum-protein formation explains the safety of the product during prolonged use.

After a while, protein formations are washed away with sweat, and sweating is restored in full.


  • Aluminum cloride (aluminum chloride) — the active component, its percentage in the composition of antiperspirant determines the level of intensity of the agent.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose (hydroxyethyl cellulose) – thickener (gelling agent). Safe alternative to other harmful emulsifiers and thickeners.
  • Trehalose (trehalose) is a disaccharide of glucose residues (widely used in various cosmetic products as a moisturizing ingredient is harmless). Delays the process of decomposition of fatty acid, which reduces odors.
  • H2O (water).

Package: 50 ml.
Shelf life: 3 years (indicated on the bottle).
For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
This product is certified.